New Zealand

07 Amazing facts about New Zealand you never know

New Zealand is an amazing country in the world with a bit of amazing facts. Endemic bird Kiwi, non-honking discipline followed by the drivers, black caps, and there are many things you still need to know of them. Here are 07 amazing facts about New Zealand.

The sheep country

Have you ever thought about the country where most of the sheep live? It’s New Zealand for sure as it has been counted that each person has 8 sheep.  It is the highest ratio for the world as well.

Lord of the Rings was here

Have you watched that historical fictional movie, the Lord of the Rings trilogy that had been full of tremendous dialogues between different personalities?  Elves is believed to have been originated from New Zealand and they had their weather forecast broadcasted in elves language in 2012 as well.

Most Golf Courses

New Zealand is full of greenish plains all across the island where is suitable for Golf Courses. They have built more than 400 golf courses in the island and it is considered as the highest number golf courses in the entire world for a country.


It is an extremes sport that has got a bit of originating history as well. It is believed that the first bungee jumps have been made by the players with the assistance of creepers that had tied onto their feet. First mo0dern day jump has been made in 1988 and the process is active to present.

Kiwi fruit is from China actually

Kiwi fruit

Though most of the people believe that Kiwi is a native fruit for New Zealand, it is not as that fruit is from China. However that fruit has been named after Kiwi bird that is native to New Zealand.

The clearest water

The clearest water

Have you seen that popular photo from the internet which shows the depth of deep waters? If it is the correct one, that photo should be from Nelson’s Blue Lake where it is believed to have the cleanest and clearest water in the world. It is said that the water is clear up to 80m across the blue water.

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