Puerto Rico

05 Puerto Rico travel tips

If you are going to stay in Puerto Rico for a vacation, it will be lot better t keep special things in your mind. Even if you are an experienced traveler, these 05 Puerto Rico travel tips will keep you safe and entertained until the moment you leave.

It is in US territory

Though there are lots of confusions regarding the territory, you need to know that it is in US territory and follow all the regulations conducted by American Government. So, you will have to make your arrangements according to them. If you are already a citizen in America, you will not need a passport to get to this city.

Your Intention

It is one of the best Puerto Rico travel tips you need to remember. You must have a clear reason to get there as it will be questioned by at least one authority during the visit. You might have different interests to get there such as relaxation, entertainment, regular visit, or any other. But, you need to make sure that you are going to have such one.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

When to go and what to pack

You can do many things in this amazing place. You have got plenty of places to hike, play, discover, and swim. You need to have a checklist to mark before getting here. Forgetting a swimsuit or a play kit might ruin your visit and make it a miserable one in the end. Also, you have to decide the best time to be here. Otherwise, you will have to face many weather effects as well.


This is also one of the most valuable Puerto Rico tips. Though English is the mostly spoken language in this city, you will have to be aware of the importance of Spanish as Spanish is a minor used language in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico


You should have a good plan to transport. Though there are all kinds of transportation options, you will have to take the most appropriate options. For an example, you will have to use a taxi to get to San Juan, the oldest city in Puerto Rico.

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