Lowe Alpine Backpack

Lowe Alpine Backpack

That has been a trade name for the travelers as well as hikers for almost 5 decades. They have got a high positive reviews regarding their products and they have been able to place their names in the field on a top position.  They not only manufacture hiking or travelling luggage, but even laptops bags. The company is a trusted company in the field who have been producing backpacks since 1967.  Even if it is a time when you are on a hill or an airport with the need of a backpack, Lowe Alpine will have a solution for you to carry the goods you have. Trekking, Hiking, and Hiking needs are specifically understood by the company for sure.

Lowe Alpine Backpack
Lowe Alpine Backpack


There are plenty of features that can keep you attracted to Lowe alpine backpack. They have high luggage volume, durability, and a good history like typical features as well as some modern features like the ability to carry electronic items, light but steady materials, and air contours as well.

Not Waterproof but safe

Though this feature is a common one for the latest but expensive bags, Lowe alpine backpack products are well protected from rains. Neither they are waterproof nor have got rain covers. These backpacks can survive a heavy rain with the electronic devices inside the backpack.


Whatever the need you have for a backpack, volume is a fact you have to look forward. There are backpacks that have got volumes from 35l to 70l in their product line. Even if you are an army personnel who is looking for a backpack, they will have an option for you.


Though most of the manufacturers seem interested of the ventilation, they haven’t done much regarding the ventilation.  But, Lowe alpine backpack products have got an impressive ventilation system through the holes. They prevent bouncing the backpack on your back and keep the things steady inside.

Lowe Alpine Backpack

Multi-lock and pockets

Lowe alpine backpack usually has got 03 main compartments and 03 side pockets to ensure your compact is neat and ready to use. They also ensure the safety of your items with the multi-lock safety tool as well.


The price is always fair for Lowe Alpine backpacks. You can have the products purchased from $100 below. The more your needs arise the more you will have to go for a better product.

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